Real Estate & Development

Seegmiller Law has assisted many clients through the minefield of real estate transactions. From the common “for sale by owner” sale, to the most complicated commercial and industrial transactions, Seegmiller Law can walk through the many complicated issues related to real estate and title insurance. Many referrals to Seegmiller Law come from current clients, title companies, lenders, realtors, and other parties who have worked with Seegmiller Law during the previous 14 years. Seegmiller Law has been through the up markets, the down markets, and has helped clients on the buying, selling, lending, and/or municipal side of transactions. Seegmiller Law has worked on many new construction projects including land development, subdividing issues, and many other issues related to working with local governments through real estate issues. If you have real estate questions or concerns, Seegmiller Law believes all questions are good questions and would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you and answer your question and provide guidance to protect your investment and property right needs.

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